I use Dentistry Divine Smile. I had 2 teeth pulled out from them. They are super, super, super dentist. I had 2 teeth that had to be pulled. I went to him as an emergency just before my marriage. I told him I was getting married next week, so he went out of his way to make sure that it was all adjusted. I really liked it. They had a beautiful office and since moved to a bigger, better place. It has been 2 years since I had been to them, if I ever had something down with my teeth, if I lost another tooth or anything I will go back to him. They are very professional. They are excellent.

– Anonymous

Dr. Argant is one of the most hardworking and talented person I have ever known. He always receives his patients with a smile. I especially like the way he treats children and elderly patients. He can handle and performs a great variety of procedures in his office, cutting down on the need to refer patients out of town. I have seen him do wonderful work with Invisalign as well as the typical wire braces. I would not take my children any place else.

– Sandra E.

I came in for the repair of a broken tooth. they cleaned my teeth and set me up for an appointment to get my teeth repaired. It was all done the same day. I am very pleased with my tooth repair and am now scheduled to go back in for another cleaning. I had been going to see another dental office for years. Recently they had been wanting me to do some very expensive implant work and seemed upset that I would not consent for this extra implant procedure. I am quite content with my teeth as they are. I went in to Dentistry Divine as I no longer felt comfortable at the other dentist office. I am very happy with my decision. all the staff is very professional and extremely courteous.

– Anonymous

Dr. Argant is amazing!!!! He was honest with me even though he was losing out on money by pulling my tooth vs root canal! All of the staff were amazing! I’ll make the 3&1/2 hour trip every time!

– Missy W.

Love love Dr. Argant! This man is a blessing in our community. My 10 yr old jaw was growing wrong and he has helped us so much and even helped from his own pocket.

– Anonymous

Have the latest dental skills and treatments and are caring and diligent

– Patty M.

Staff is friendly & helpful. Next to no wait time for appts, this is a great dental clinic !!

– Selina C.

Amazing dentist and really caring…HE is great with his patients

– Yvonne D.

Great friendly service

– Claudia G.

A very good and enjoyable team willing to make all your teeth a smile 5
Get in there awesome…. For dental work

– Jonathan S.

staff is very pleasant, Dr. Argant is very thorough

– Linda E.

Very friendly atmosphere. Love joking around with the dentist. Still don’t know what he looks like behind his mask… 🙂 The dental Hygienist was very thorough. She even apologized for being thorough, which she did not need to do. She did an excellent job. 🙂

– Robert J.

Been going to him since i was a teenager i wouldnt go anywhere else. Best Dentist Ever!!!!!

– Margie C.

Dr. Argant is the best there is. There is no comparison to his meticulous ways of caring for his patients. He does what he loves and he loves what he does. Thank you Dr. Argant. You are second to none.

– Virginia K.